Patient FAQ's

Why would my dentist send me to 3Di when he can take xrays in his/her office?


3Di specializes in obtaining three dimensional imaging of the face, jaws, and teeth. With our sophisticated equipment we can provide your doctor with more information than is possible through traditional xrays. We combine xrays with photographs to give your doctor a complete, digital “picture” of the area of interest. Our facility provides your doctor with the latest technology to ensure you are receiving the most modern care.


What are the benefits of cone beam computer tomography (CBCT)?


This new technology offers dental professionals many important benefits. First, CBCT is safer for patients and practitioners. It uses a lower radiation dose than conventional CT scans; because the beam is more focused, it produces less scatter radiation. Second, CBCT increases patient comfort since patients can sit during the short (less than 40 second) scan. CBCT also facilitates the most in-depth analysis of images, allowing doctors to view full images or image cross-sections from any angle. Most importantly, since CBCT offers a look at the finest details, doctors may quickly diagnose problems, thoroughly educate their patients, then design minimally invasive treatments.


Are these xrays safe?


Because 3Di has the latest in cone beam CT imaging, the radiation dose is minimal when compared to a medical CT. Although there is a small increase in exposure over traditional xrays, the amount of information given in 360 degrees of data is significant. Thus, your doctor has decided that the benefit of having these x-rays far outweighs the risk. Do not worry, we still use proper DHEC approved shielding, maintenance of equipment, and appropriate performance of the procedures by competent, licensed personnel.


How long will my appointment be?


We use a streamlined approach to reduce the time you spend in the 3Di center. You will spend 10-15 minutes filling out the “patient registration” form while we review your doctor’s imaging order with you and set up the appropriate equipment. It will require 5 minutes for us to enter your information in our software so we can record your image. The CT takes a maximum of 40 seconds to scan you while you are seated in an upright position. If facial or intra-oral photographs are requested by your doctor, we will then take 5 minutes obtaining them. Therefore, expect to be with us for 20-30 minutes.


Will I have to come back for more xrays?


Sometimes your doctor may desire specific images to evaluate your condition before, during, and after treatment. This provides him/her with updates on your progress and help determining the effectiveness of his/her course of treatment. Because you are already registered as a patient at 3Di, your subsequent visits are much shorter. We enjoy getting to know our return customers!


Will you accept my insurance?


Because we are not providers for any insurance company we will not receive reimbursement from them for our services. Thus, we ask that your imaging expenses at 3Di be paid for in full at the time of service. As a courtesy to you we will send a claim to your insurance company on your behalf. Please contact your insurance carrier for coverage information.


Why is the procedure so expensive?


The imaging you receive at 3Di is provided by the most sophisticated radiographic equipment available. This gives your doctor unsurpassed image quality while exposing you to less radiation. The scans require much expertise and time to prepare for your doctor. The diagnostic information is made available to your dentist in high quality print, CD, or online.


Will a board certified radiologist evaluate my CTs?


As part of our service to you, 3Di has board certified radiologists on staff. At the request of your referring doctor, one of these radiologists will “read” your CT and provide a report as part of your imaging package. This thorough report will be given to your doctor for him/her to review with you.


When will I hear about my results?


Usually when you leave 3Di your records are incomplete. It will take 2-3 days to reformat your scans with the computer to provide your dentist with the specific information he/she requests. Photographs are processed, appropriately edited, and printed in the format requested. If requested by your doctor, our radiologist will review your CT and report his findings. Your entire case is then reviewed prior to delivery to your doctor. This sequence usually allows your doctor to receive the images within one week. If you desire quicker turn around time, please let us know in advance so we can expedite your case.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most accurate imaging of the bones of the face and jaw.


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