Implant Planning Services

3Di is able to use specialized software and cone beam CT images to help plan your implant surgery. Important anatomical structures can be visualized, evaluated, and measured. Implants can be “digitally” placed to determine the proper size relative to the space available in your mouth. Custom surgical guides are then fabricated via cad-cam technology to help transfer this extra-oral, pre-surgery planning to the mouth on the day of surgery. The precision of this imaging and software is so consistent that the lab can even fabricate a custom restoration to be placed on the implant the same day of surgery. The accuracy and ease of implant surgery are increased when using these services.


Simplant Processing/Planning

This protocol allows for the simultaneous placement of the implant, abutment, and restorative crown or bridge. It integrates with nearly any implant system. The patient’s highly detailed, non-distorted, 3D CT is imported into our software. It is then processed by our technician to remove artifacts caused by such things as dental restorations. Implants are then placed digitally in the 3D CT according to the type of implant the doctor uses, the anatomy present at the surgery site, and the type of final restoration planned. The entire digital model can then be sent to Simplant for fabrication of a guide to be used by your doctor at the time of surgery.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most accurate imaging of the bones of the face and jaw.


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