Dental Applications

At 3Di we believe beauty is more than just skin deep. Our mission is to provide the most accurate imaging of the bones of the face and jaw.


3D imaging allows the doctor to be more informed by providing greater detail than traditional xrays. Applications of this convenient, low cost, low radiation imaging continue to increase and are found in every specialty of dentistry. Some of the current applications of 3D imaging may include:



  • Initial diagnosis
  • Superimpositions for assessing growth, treatment changes, and stability
  • Dental root inclination and torque
  • Impacted and Supernumerary tooth positions
  • Thickness and morphology of bone sites for mini-implants for anchorage
  • Osteotomy sites for orthognathic surgery planning
  • Condylar resorption, hyperplastic growth, displacement, asymmetries, anomalies
  • Relationships of soft tissues
  • Airway evaluation



  • Analysis of bone resorption/defects
  • Evaluation of periapical infections
  • Planning for bone regenerative therapy
  • Planning for implant placement
    • Locating sensory nerves
    • Locating maxillary sinus floor



  • Root Fractures
  • Root resorption
  • Ankylosis
  • Periapical Infections
  • Analysis of canal morphology before or after endodontic treatment



  • Imaging of the TMJ joint
  • Periodontal status of teeth – bone loss in furcations
  • Crestal anatomy for implant restorations
  • Design of implant abutments/crowns for proper angulation


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Orthognathic/Cosmetic surgery treatment planning

  • Predicting soft tissue changes seen following surgery
  • Evaluating position of anatomic structures
  • Sinuses, nerves, impacted teeth
  • Evaluating thickness of bone
  • Evaluating placement of osteotomies


Implant surgery

  • Location of anatomic structures or adjacent teeth
  • Shape, size, quantity and quality of bone
  • Predicting proper size of implant or bone graft
  • Post grafting to evaluate success of graft

Impacted Teeth

  • Evaluation of position relative to adjacent structures



  • Evaluating position of condyle in fossa
  • Evaluating architecture of condyle and fossa
  • Evaluating asymmetries between left and right condyle



  • Evaluation of displacement of bones of face
  • Presurgical planning for reduction of fractures


  • Bone and soft tissue damage secondary to infection



  • Evaluation of size of boney lesions and effect on adjacent structures


Sleep Apnea

  • Evaluation of airway and level of obstruction


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most accurate imaging of the bones of the face and jaw.


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